Extra funding for Stronger Families Programme in Kirklees

Additional funding has been received from the government for a scheme that supports families with complex needs in Kirklees.

The Kirklees Council’s Stronger Families Programme is set to significantly improve from this funding, as more families will be able to benefit by expanding the scheme.

This means an increasing number of families in the North Kirklees area are set to directly benefit from the extra funding by receiving help on a more consistent basis.

The programme uses the Troubled Families Government Grant to increase the amount of support throughout Kirklees for vulnerable families, and test out new and unique ways to working with families with a variety of needs.

The main aims are to help families where children have a poor school attendance, are involved with crime and anti-social behaviour, or where adults are out of work.

Over 1100 families have received support directly from the scheme across Kirklees, and almost 80% have shown improved school attendance, and have recored no anti-social behaviour in the past six months.

The programme has also placed consultants in partner agencies including the drug and alcohol charity ‘Lifeline’.

These people work together to bring in a plan of action for each family based on their individual expertise, to ensure that the family receives the required support .

This joint approach means that various families will receive sufficient help earlier and continue to receive support until their situation improves.

Following the recent success in results, the government have asked the Council to become an early starter working with the expanded Troubled Families Programme, starting five months ahead of schedule, meaning an increasingly wider range of families get the required help at an earlier stage.

Clare Mulgan, Head of the Stronger Families Programme, said: “88% of families (977 out of 1115) have received a successful turnaround, and the success of this programme to date is thanks to the quality of the intervention workers.

“The family approach to their work with their most vulnerable clients is proving to be a benefit for the partner agencies.

“Thanks to the fantastic performance in the Kirklees area, joining the extended Troubled Families Programme means that almost 200 families will be worked with over the coming weeks.

“The extra funding means we can be confident that the support received means the programme will around for the foreseeable future.”


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